Tracker Location Telephone

The increasingly rapid pace of modern life may make it impossible for most parents to pick up their children from school, and the aggravation of aging society also gives rise to more elderly people living alone. When these large vulnerable groups go out alone, accidents may happen. When accidents happen, it is vital to know their location. The design is inspired by Chinese knot and it means always to connect family member gather and pursue good fortune and pray for peace and auspicious luck, which echo the function of the product itself.

This little tracker is like a small size of GPS position device and it is easy to use and carry around. With precise GPS positioning system, it supports one-button dial-up and fast call, and super long battery standby. This allows it to keep track of the position and direction of children and elderly. Tracker can even provide precise positioning for pets and luggage. High-frequency tracking mode sends out location information at 20 seconds per time. It can also set the lighting effect and sound freely to remind you about your pets and luggage is far away from you.


Oneplus 7
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