Is a combination of creative ideas and highly refined design elements that are subtly embodied in the design work in creating a strong psychic interaction and exchange of ideas with the mind of the viewer. The core approach is based on simplicity but by no means of reducing design elements. As is the induction and concentration of ideas and creativity, thru designer’s cleaver construction and arrangement to create ingenious products with the design concept of “Less is more”

Our Advantages!

  • ·International brand

    We have a complete international brand and local design experience including branding design strategy, design process and series of product design methodology.

  • ·Successful design cases of star products

    We have many successful design cases of star products, such as Philips "LCD TV monitor, Motorola" Ming "product line, Lenovo" Le "phone product line (3GW100), Coolpad "Grand View“ (V1) and" God“ (F2) and other product lines.

  • ·More than 20 years of experience in end-to-end product design

    We have more than 20 years of experience in end-to-end product design. We are responsible for the complete product development from start to finish. From the initial product design concept all the way to mass production, with vast experience to provide in-depth communication and collaboration with the R & D, reliability and quality personnel to ensure smooth production and optimized production output and quality control.

  • ·Better understanding of
    local enterprises

    We have accumulated decades of experience for all the design related questions that the local enterprises had encounter through the path of company growth. To promote and implement the design concept with clear communication and support from the R & D and corresponding vendor and suppliers. To complete a well design product with ensuring product quality within limited resources and critical situations.

  • ·Depth communication

    We are true supporters that believes in order to complete a ingenious product, close and in depth communication and collaboration with the R & D team as well as all the involve parties are most crucial element to success.

About Us

700 Design (Shenzhen) Ltd. was founded in 2016 by Ming-Iung Chen who is of more than 20 years of experience on branding strategy and developing new product design in global brand companies; can conduct process developing and provide high quality product design for local brand in China. Our company possesses domestic and international design experience for professional brand design, process design, and series of product design. With years of profound cooperation with different enterprises (such as Philips, Motorola, Lenovo, Coolpad, etc.), our founder can lead the team to become an exclusive design expert and branding strategy for local enterprise.



  • ·2018

    Red Star Design Award ×1
    iF design award ×1
    Good Design Award ×2
    Golden Pin Design Award ×3
    China Good Design ×1
    Design Intelligence Award ×1
    Kapok Design Award Best of the Best ×1
    Kapok Design Award ×2


    A' Design Award SILVER ×2
    A' Design Award IRON×1
    A' Design Award BRONZE×5
    International Design Excellence Awards×3
    Red Dot Award ×2

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