Our Service.

We use user-centered to perceive the needs of the users to design a product with its exist real meaning. The purpose of design is to make the product more humanized and more approachable to the user’s feeling. We are making product user-friendly for the users rather than producing a product.

Design Strategy

We believe that only assimilate into the process of product developing can we end-to-end ensure the design quality, can we achieve user-centered product design experience. From overall design strategy to the moment the users own the product.

Product Design

We have over 20 years of product design experience, understanding and fully aware of the product design procedure in-depth. We have participated in various successful international brand design strategy cases. Our experiences will satisfy the demands of local enterprise on product design and obtain fruitful achievement.

Mechanical Design

Structural design is a prototype to the first step of initial design intention, only with well communication with structural engineers can reach the goal of prototyping.

Tooling & Production

For the purpose of end-to-end design experience, we have established strategic partnerships with Qianda Hardware Company and Silver Technology Company for quality control regarding mold design, manufacturing, producing, etc. They are the companies with great strength, the backstage supporter of well-known domestic mobile phone brand and the mobile phone accessories supplier of Apple.


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